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Mind-Body Atlanta (Formerly "Atlanta TMJ Massage, EFT & More")
EFT Meridian Tapping for TMJD / TMJ / TMS / Myofascial Pain / Chronic Conditions
About Us

We are a group of highly skilled, educated, experienced and compassionate therapists/practitioners that are loosely connected to exchange information and support our clients through that interaction.   Each of us are fully licensed and/or certified and offer excellent professional therapeutic services in our own unique fields.  At the time of this writing, we do not have contract relationship with each other, and we each maintain our own calendars and fee structures.  The providers here are listed solely to assist you in finding quality practitioners that operate in/around Decatur, GA.

As of December 2017, all initial TMJ massage inquiries will be directed to Clyde Ranney, LMT.
If you are ready to explore the Mind-Body connection further utilizing EFT Meridian Tapping, Mitsuko is available to explore how she may support you.
In the meantime, please refer to some of the names listed in this website, as trusted and capable therapists who can support you get started to ease your discomfort and pain.   Much blessings - Mitsuko

Mitsuko Ito, LMT, CNMT,  - License # MT008998
TMJ, Pelvic Pain, TMS Pain Manual Release Specialist,
Belief Transformation, Trauma Memory and Phobia Release Specialist
Accredited Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner (AAMET)
Certified Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

My name is Mitsuko (sounds like "Mitzco.")   I am a Mind-Body practitioner, Accredited Certified Advanced EFT Meridian Tapping Practitioner (AAMET), a Tapping Ambassador (EFTMRA), and a Licensed Massage Therapist (GA) with certifications in advanced techniques.  I have always been fascinated by how our minds and bodies work, and continues to be marveled at the layers of what we are made up from. I choose to believe that uncomfortable pain and triggers are actually great information that shows up for us.  By working on them and releasing them, (i.e. pain, triggers,) whether on a physical level or emotional level, we have the opportunity to grow and heal.   I enjoy sharing powerful empowerment tools that allows us to actively and spontaneously release these source of unbalances, so we can enjoying more fulfilling lives.

​Although I have provided a wide range of service - from the deepest massage "Sokssage," to very specific and accurate myofascial trigger point removals even in very sensitive areas (such as pelvic area and inside the mouth), my current focus is more on the emotional/mental level.  I am also passionate about supporting parents, schools, and/or organizations that are eager to find "better ways" for the future generation to create that change.  For this purpose, a different website TappingResources.com is set up.

I have worked with many private clients who have had suffered the consequences from the negative imprinting formed in their childhood.  I can only see how powerful it would be to give some emotion management tools to children to start taking charge of their fear early on - and this is easier than you think.   When you are ready to create breakthroughs and eager to change the direction of your life for yourself and/or your loved ones, I am ready also.  I would love to assist you in moving forward quickly.   Please contact me at 404-828-0486 or email: mitsuko@EFTforPhobias.com

Clyde Ranney, Orthopedic Massage
License #MT002398, Contact: 404-444-1172

Clyde has independently operated a full practice for many years, and has recently moved his studio at the Annex of Decatur Healing Arts.  In addition to holding certification as an Orthopedic Manual Therapist, he has extensive experience and knowledge having learned advanced techniques and/or assisted with teachings of prominent figures in the field (such as George Kousaleous and James Waslaski).  Clyde utilizes a combination of mechanical, reflex and energy-based therapies to immediately eliminate specific points of pain as they are uncovered.   Clyde's treatment doesn’t have to be painful to get you out of pain.  Clyde is widely appreciated as a mentor to many therapists, and he brings to the local Decatur community tremendous healing presence.

To book an appointment with Clyde, call/text him at 404-444-1172 or email us.

Karen Lang, MSW, LAc, Acupuncturist

Karen Lang, MSW, LAc

Listen to Karen being interviewed by Mitsuko from this SoundCloud link here (new window)

Karen is a state and nationally licensed acupuncturist and owner of Dogwood Healing Arts. Karen sees patients at Decatur Healing Arts. Using her extensive training in several lineages of acupuncture as well as other Chinese Medicine modalities, Karen has helped many people transform their health by addressing issues such as pain, depression, anxiety, menopause symptoms and fertility support. Karen’s passion is to help people re-establish their natural ability to thrive - physically and emotionally.

Karen’s experience in healing began as a social worker working with sexual assault and domestic violence survivors. Her deep compassionate way of being has always part of her treatment. Seeking a more holistic approach to facilitating health and well-being Karen was drawn to study acupuncture.  Karen holds a Masters Diploma in Acupuncture from Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine.Karen practices at Decatur Healing Arts.  You can learn more about Karen and her service at DogwoodHealingArts.com.

Juanita Fuller, M.S. LMT,  Massage Therapist
License # MT 007239

Juanita has a Master's degree in Public Health and have an impressive list of certifications.  With her extensive experience, your session will be completely customized, tailored and fit to meet your needs reflecting the holistic approach to health and wellness.  She is a grandma with great gentle spirit, and an always bright beautiful smile.  With her eclectic approach that spans across the globe, you are literally in good hands (and she may even use her feet too).

To book a comprehensive TMJ massage session with Juanita, you can contact us at 404-828-0486, or email info@atlantatmjmassage.com

Nancy Gnecco,
EFT Master, Master Trainer

Nancy Gnecco is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a master's degree in education. She is an EFT Founding Master and a master trainer for the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Eneergy Therapies (AAMET). Nancy is a Diplomat and mentor in the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychotherapy (ACEP). She has worked with children and adults for thirty years in public and private settings. Nancy maintains a prIvate therapy practice and offers AAMET-approved workshops and certification in EFT, as well as approved TAT workshops.

A trainer in Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT), Nancy also teaches Comprehensive Chakra Therapy based on the work of Drs. Anodea Judith and Asha Clinton (AIT). Nancy is also a practitioner in Dynamic Energetic Healing (DEH), having studied with Mary Hammond. Most recently, she is training in an advanced meridian-based technique - Matrix Reimprinting - created by Karl Dawson.

Nancy has been teaching energy psychotherapy modalities since 1995. She combines traditional "talk therapy" counseling with dynamic, new power therapies, all of which work to heal emotional and physical issures at their source--the body's energy systems.

A frequent presenter at national and international energy conferences (i.e., EFT Master Showcase, ACEP, CAIT, Maine School Counselors Association annual conference, etc.), Nancy offers workshops and seminars for helping professionals who wish to learn these new power therapies, and for the general public--anyone who is interested in using these dynamic self-help techniques for personal growth and development. Most recently, Nancy presented at Old Dominion University's Institute for Complementary and Alternative Therapies in Tuscany, Italy.


Melissa Lester Olson, LCSW

Melissa Lester-Olsen

Melissa is a psychotherapist in private practice in Atlanta.  Since 1996 she has specialized in working with Women in a variety of settings. Her areas of expertise include Eating Disorders, LGBTQ Issues including Coming Out Later in Life, Family of Origin work, Anxiety, Depression and Stress.  Melissa’s practice combines psychodynamic therapy with Meditation, Mindfulness, EFT Tapping and Hypnosis. To learn more about Melissa and her practicie, visit  melissalesterolson.com.


Are you a practitioner / therapist passionate about supporting clients who could be suffering from difficult situations?  
Then, please contact us.  I would love to compile resources for clients who are seeking support from qualified, capable and compassionate therapists/practitioners who resonate with what we do.  Email: info@atlantatmjmassage.com

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