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Mind-Body Atlanta (Formerly "Atlanta TMJ Massage, EFT & More")
EFT Meridian Tapping for TMJD / TMJ / TMS / Myofascial Pain / Chronic Conditions
- EFT Client's Voice

"A truly life changing experience. I have been getting in my own way for years. I have tried just about ever method out there to heal from/move past significant childhood trauma. While I made much progress, there were things deep in my core I've never been able to let go of, until now. Mitusko has an amazing gift. Through gentle conversation she found these blocks and guided me through tapping scripts which she created just for me, on the spot. Words cannot describe how the quality of my life has changed. I am science geek and a natural skeptic. I went to Mitsuko for EFT expecting nothing more than an interesting experience and instead found freedom from my past." - Ciocia D.

"Had an incredible experience with Mitsuko! We worked on some harmful habits and patterns of mine and I was able to release a lot of old emotion tied to these habits."  Katherine W.

"Mitsuko has a special gift to tap into blocked energy reservoirs. Throughout a major new product launch, Mitsuko and I worked on clearing the path to open imagination, creativity and sustained energy to move to the next level. The results have exceeded my wildest dreams. The product launch exceeded $1M/year in revenue; 2+ years faster than our industry average. Until you change the way you look at things, those things will never change. I am forever grateful to have Mitsuko as one of my trusted advisors and healers. We work closely to accelerate transformation without pain or stress. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) breathes fresh air into the healing process. Tapping expanded my growth mindset has tremendously as has my capacity for abundance. As you think you vibrate. As you vibrate you attract. Bye bye 'Yes, but....' Resist going alone and entrust Mitsuko to establish better flow for better living."  - Brandon P.

"I awoke this morning looking forward to the day. Except for the occasional "special event" day as a young child (ie: waking up and knowing that we would be going to the amusement park that day) I don't remember ever feeling this way. It's quite nice to be okay with feeling good for no particular reason. Thank you."  
A few days later:
" I am tapping every day. As soon as I become aware that a thought or situation is causing bodily tension I put what you taught me into use and I can feel the tension leave me. The past week has been an unprecedented period of lightness of being. "  - D.B.

"When I told Mitsuko that I hadn’t tried acupuncture yet due to a mild fear of needles, she caught me off guard by asking if I wanted to try “tapping” through it. I had read about EFT before, but had never actually tried it and had no idea where to start. Mitsuko guided me gently and compassionately through a light tapping session on the spot. I had never put much thought into my anxiety about needles or where it came from, but through this impromptu tapping lesson, I discovered the probable cause for my fear and took steps toward putting it to rest. It felt like a weight being lifted off of me, and I could feel the tension leaving my body as we tapped and talked and worked through the issue. I count myself lucky to have “accidentally” learned about tapping from such a caring, warm lightworker like Mitsuko. " - Katie W.

"Mitsuko is a gentle soul. I love and honor her professionalism. Her energy and attention are 100% with you in the moment. And her skills as a preactitioner help me find and heal the core of the pain. She's the best I've come acrossed."  - Elda C.

"The experience changed my way of thinking and living." - Sonja W.

"Every time I have had any service from Mitsuko it has been excellent from massages, cranial work and EFT. I cannot stress the importance of taking care of the most advanced piece of technology on the planet which is your human body and Mitsuko is the perfect person to partner with!"  - Michael G.

Very Patient and Thorough 

I had EFT sessions via Skype.  Mitsuko is a very patient practitioner. She works at a pace that is not rushed. Her approach is very caring and thorough. SHS

Cleared Some Major Roadblocks

At the onset of the session, my intention was to clear some major roadblocks with my business. With Mitsuko's gentle guidance, I uncovered a very deep hurt I experienced way back in grade school. With that awareness, it was very easy to see beyond and move past today's obstacle.  Mitsuko provided a very safe space for me to freely open up. Doing so allowed me to explore in depth what was previously hidden from me. Once I was aware of the emotional pains I had suffered, I could let them go so they no longer had a hold on me. What a great therapy session! Thank you for the gift you offer the world.  Clyde Ranney

Difficult Shift in Perspective Achieved

I liked how gentle and compassionate you are while helping me discover major insights that shifted my perspective. You created a safe space for me to recognize and address an issue that was difficult for me to admit to myself. I feel that letting go of what I was hanging onto will really accelerate my moving forward in my life. Thank you for your skilled guidance!  Jane N. Life & Carreer Coach

Reduced Discomfort in Back Pain

I had a remote EFT session with Mitsuko on healing some lower back pain.  I found her warm and empathetic and a good listener. With her help and insights we tapped on several aspects to the pain and by the end of the session I could feel a definite reduction in the discomfort. Mitsuko was great to work with and she projects real integrity and a quality of healing compassion. I would recommend her to anyone in need of healing.  M.V. 

Frustration & Sadness Greatly Reduced
Going into the session, I had a general sense of frustration about the situation I am in, and at myself for not dealing with this sooner. The session helped me see the possible emotional connection between long car drives and my throat issue, which have never occurred to me before. I knew beforehand that my throat represented unexpressed emotions but the session helped me explore specific memories and feelings connected to it.  Mitsuko creates a very safe, relaxed experience even when dealing with emotionally charged issues. She is gentle, respectful and supportive while being a clear, effective guide to move you from distress to a positive state. - Jane Norton

Releasing of the Repressed Memory and Blockage, Allowing to Move Forward
“I had an incredible EFT session.  I had a huge desire to remove a blockage that I had in order to move forward.  I knew something was holding me back, but I didn’t know what it was.

I was shocked when she helped me discover my repressed memory from my childhood.  Tears were running down my face as I was going through and reliving my repressed memory.  That was the cause of quite a few of my negative thoughts and suffering in the past.  I did not even know that I had them.  Luckily, I had Mitsuko helping me, guiding me to move forward and safely letting go of my dark past.  This was a very liberating experience.  It took me a few more days to recover mentally, but it was great!”  - Yongyi Xu

Tremendous Relief from Pent Up Feelings of Sadness
I am very grateful for Mitsuko for reminding me about the power of EFT. Her session was timely as I am going through a big personal shift and have been feeling a lot of emotions about some big changes that have been happening in my life. I was able to experience a tremendous amount of relief of pent up feelings of sadness, and also made big strides in finding courage to speak my truth with others. All in a very short amount of time.  Mitsuko was very supportive during the session and held a loving and safe space for me to feel comfortable expressing emotions. She offered clarity and coaching for me to help me to find the right words to express what I was feeling. - J.S.

TMJ/Bodywork/Tapping Combo Session

"My jaw feels great, My stress level is down, I don't remember the last time I felt so relaxed.  You--and the Tapping -- help me to be mindful, which is critical. The trigger point releases are most obvious to me. There were some very significant moments that may have rolled back days, weeks, months of tension.  The mindfulness has stayed with me longer. So they work together, I think."  - Jennifer H.


Tapping/Bodywork Combo Session

"Our work this week was amazing and opened me up in such a way that when I got to (talk) therapy, I was able to continue to work at a VERY deep level. My therapist, and I were able to access things I have been previously unable to access. What I think is particularly amazing is how you’ve been able to tune right in to what’s going on with me even though you may or may not understand or have experience with dealing with it. You’ve been able to pull on the important aspects of my situation and facilitate huge healing." - Caroline C.


"Snack" Phobia, where client didn't even want to use the word to describe the slithery and long animal, so "Snack" was our code word.

Mitsuko helped me to feel like there is hope that I can get past a life-long phobia. I had completely given up and given in, allowing it to control my life in so many ways. I was amazed at the feelings she was able to evoke and then make disappear with EFT. She has a very calm and sincere demeanor that makes it very easy to open up to her. I was able to find underlying issues that had never occurred to me and work on those as well, with very positive results. I feel so lucky to have found her and this valuable tool.
- Kelly B.


So Much Stress, Leading to Overall Body Tension

Next Day - "My day was excellent. I feel so loose and light. As I came into the office yesterday my co-workers instantly  notice a difference. I received many compliments on my demeanor and my confidence. I've also used the tapping technique several times."
7 days later - "The affects are still going. I feel so relaxed, not so tense. When I feel stress coming on I take a minute and use my tapping coping skills. - Melissa B.


Remote EFT Session

Mitsuko was able to pull out the information from me as we tapped. When I stop and think back, I only wish we had had time to isolate some of the aspects from my memories of my fears and "traumas" so that I could tap on those later by myself. - Debbie G.


EFT Only Session in Person

During the session, we used the details of my story to talk while tapping.  This process allowed me to begin to explore deeper into the meaning that I had attached to a  traumatic event that I had experienced.  As I followed the tapping sequence,  I could feel energy start to move through my body.  It seemed that new thoughts, feelings and ideas about what had happened to me began to surface.  There was a shift of energy flow.  I had an unexpected realization that made me very emotional, and it was at this moment that I felt we reached to the "root" of the issue.  I had fully processed and let go of what had surfaced.  Afterwards I felt totally and completely calm even when I thought of the thing that had caused so much anxiety prior to the session.  Mitsuko held the space very beautifully and was fully present with me throughout the session.

I had known something about EFT prior to working with Mitsuko, but having gone through the process in much greater depth, I feel as though I have a much better feeling about how to tap on my own to work through things.  I really appreciated her calm, open and neutral energy that created a space for me to relax and move through the session with ease.  I am very grateful!


Remote EFT Tapping Session

“Mitsuko is AMAZING! Before our session I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed with all the stuff that was going on in my life. But after our session I felt like I could handle anything. I still have this endless list of tasks but with Mitsuko’s help I now feel that it is all doable. Our session was actually fun! I felt relaxed knowing that she had my best interests in mind and she clearly knows her stuff. I fully recommend a session with her. You’re going to leave feeling like you can take on the world!"  – Lex Stockdale

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