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Mind-Body Atlanta (Formerly "Atlanta TMJ Massage, EFT & More")
EFT Meridian Tapping for TMJD / TMJ / TMS / Myofascial Pain / Chronic Conditions
- EFT Events

Summer EFT Tapping Workshops

Do you know of someone that worries so much??
Do you wish you had some practical tools to help that person, whether it's your loved one or your student?
If so, please join us to learn the basics of Tapping.

Tapping is a very effective, valuable and very easy-to-learn tool that can be applied anytime anywhere.

June 16th Saturday, 3pm-4:30pm
Decatur Healing Arts

619 E. College Ave, Suite B
Decatur, GA 30030

Register here

Atlanta Area EFT Tapping Meeting (Tucker, GA)

Co-hosted by Melissa Lester-Olson, LCSW, Matt Wagner, LPC, & Mitsuko Ito (Certified EFT Practitioner)

2nd Wednesday every other month,  7:30 - 9:00 pm
Sage Center  
2849-B Henderson Mill Rd
Atlanta, GA 30341

Some Saturdays (Follow us in Meetup Group)

This is a free meeting.

Join us for the free meetings. Whether you are a clinician, a coach, an EFT Practitioner, or another member of the community, you are welcome.

EFT Tapping has been practiced in its current form in the United States for almost 30 years. It is a well-researched trauma resolution method and is derived from the Traditional Chinese Medicine practice of acupuncture. Tapping is also used effectively for performance enhancement.

Our goal is to come together for community, practice, information sharing and support. We are committed to EFT Tapping as a powerful, and often rapid, trauma resolution method.

In keeping with the origins of EFT, these meetings are open to one and all and are not limited to licensed clinicians. However, we strongly encourage the use of EFT Tapping solely within one’s appropriate scope of practice.

Meetings are casual, include snacks and often have the following format:

Welcome and Check In
Case Presentations
Demonstration or Exercise
EFT Event Announcements
Q and A

Please email MelissaMatt with any questions you might have.

1. EFT Tapping Circle (Atlanta / Decatur, GA)

Hosted by Mitsuko Ito, Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner


  • Experience the power of Tapping to create a better future for yourself.
  • Enjoy group healing that builds as we tap together.
  • No need to reveal your personal issues.
  • Practice your Tapping Skills.
  • Bring your questions.

In my Tapping Circles in Decatur, at this point, we'll cover the basics of EFT and we'll dive right into providing therapeutic results.  You are welcome to join with your baggage/themes (or not), and you don't have to be a provider/counselor/coach to attend.  You are welcome to join as an observer, but please agree to maintain all confidentiality.  The goal of this circle is to offer a safe gathering place to start, encourage, offer ongoing support for the healing process.

The meeting details can be found at these following pages.  Sign up to stay tuned!

Public Facebook Group, Tapping into Energy
Facebook Page : EFT for Phobias


If you have other regular local/regional EFT events that you'd like to have listed here,
please send in the information and I would be happy to list them! 
The more Tapping happens, the Better the World becomes :)

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