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Upcoming EFT Related Events for Fall 2017

Thank you for the many participation at the Decatur Healing Arts Open House & Silent Auction!  Together we were able to raise over $900 in one day which half of it will go to support Second Servings Atlanta.

Tapping Circle in Decatur this Fall, 2017
I am looking forward to experimenting with some Tapping Circles this fall.  Please stay tuned via Facebook.com/EFTforPhobias or Atlanta/Decatur Tapping Circle on Meetup.com.  Meetings will be held in Decatur, 30030, either at a Church along Ponce de Leon, or at Decatur Healing Arts, or either of the City of Decatur Rec Centers.

Introduction to EFT Tapping: An Educational and Experiential Workshop
Hosted by Melissa Lester-Olson, LCSW

When: Saturday, Sept 23rd, 10-4 
Where:  Sage Counseling Center, in Tucker area
Cost:      $100
More info: https://melissalesterolson.com/events/eft-tapping-introduction/
Mitsuko's Comments:  Melissa is a good friend and we did some upper level training together.  She's also a professional therapist and hosts monthly EFT gatherings on Wed night, more geared towards professional therapists, as well as another Meetup Group in Midtown area. I have to say I'm mightly impressed as to how much she's pressing on with EFT and being very active!  Please do check her out as well as all the different groups she's hosting.

Level 1 & Level 2 AAMET EFT Certification Training - Save the Date!!
Trainer/Instructor:  Jondi Whitis, EFT Trainer from NYC
When: Likely October 7, 8, 9 (Columbus Day Weekend)
Where:  Sage Center, in Tucker
Cost:     $625 for both levels.  Only 12 spots available.  
With:      Jondi Whitis, Trainer from NYC will be coming to Atlanta to offer Levels 1 and 2 classes.  
Jondi is an EFT Master Trainer and Trainer of Trainers, and she also sits on the Training Board.Jondi is a trainer for both EFT Universe and AAMET. This training meets the certification requirement for Level 1&2 for AAMET.  Jondi also plays a very active role in bringing tapping to children (TappingStar.com) as well as hosts EFT events.  

From Jondi's Site:  "How to Speed Healing & Relief"

Fast Track Professional EFT Training in Atlanta, this October.  I will swiftly guide you through tried and true EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, or ‘Tapping’) techniques, solutions, and mindset strategies in just one weekend. 

You’ll learn the fundamental skills and practical application of the most popular modern, drug-free wellcare techniques in the world.  This 3-day course* meets and exceeds the standards of the original and largest professional EFT association, AAMET International.

The Fast Track course is particularly designed and targeted with professionals in mind, although any serious student is welcome.

EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, works quickly, efficiently and is easy to learn and use. Aches, pains, anxiety, troubling memories – you’ll be able to work with these modern day living problems, and more.  EFT is truly the People’s ToolBox!

Tapping’s great promise to the world is its remarkable efficiency, speed, flexibility and depth, combined into an easy to learn protocol.  This training’s combination of foundational skills and practical application focus will begin your successful use  of Tapping for your practice, focus or organization.  Jondi’s comfort level and skill of integration ensures that participants gain direct, practical application for their unique situation.

Certification is a process available after these prerequisite classes, through the largest EFT association in the world, the global non-profit AAMET International. You’ll receive pre- and post- materials and live webinar follow-ups for this course, including extra materials for those interested in professional certification, after Fast Track course completion.

I’m a professional, accredited certified Trainer, experienced in delivering information into accessible, practical application by a wide variety of learners.  Come, learn practical excellence with me and make a world of difference in your community and your own life, too!

Questions?  Contact me!  Jondi@eft4Results.com


Hosted by EFT Tapping Team (Melissa is a part of it)
When: November 11-12
Where: Orlando, FL
Cost: $297 for one, $497 for two, or $1000 for five
With: Gene Montestrelli, Brad Yate, Melissa Lester-Olson and more
More information can be found here


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