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TMJ Meditation (Morning)
TMJ Meditation (Evening)

Why Meditate?

Being able to achieve a meditative state is not just for those spiritual seekers. Anyone who learns to meditate (whether with movement or in stillness) learns to drop in the "zone."  For those dealing with chronic pain, the long term effect can mean a world of difference. If my assessment is right (from the literature I am exposed to and from my own personal experience), when our body is constantly in a "fight, flight, freeze, or flop mode" where the body's alert system is in full gear, blood leaves our thinking part of the brain (prefrontal cortex), causing a viscous effect of more stress, more fear, more tension, more pain.  In order to cut this vicious cycle, we need to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and help our body to relax, rather than overreact.  And getting into a meditative state is just the way to do so.  

In so doing, our body's self-healing capacity is enhanced as well—exactly the reason why massage is healing in general. The truth is, we are not in constant immediate danger.  We don't need to be driven by stress all the time.  It is very hard in the modern world to not be stressed, but that doesn't mean we have to constantly be stressed—that would be dangerous.  We can actively take charge of our emotional state, and learning to meditate and training your body to relax could be just the key. If you're ready to get out of "fight or flight" mode, give these meditations a try.  

How to Meditate

Decide to listen to this either in the morning or in the evening for 3 days in a row (it is less than 30 min).  See how your body responds to it.  Would you start noticing that you have been unconsciously holding tension?  Are you able to consciously let go? Or finding that to be difficult?  Might you notice any tingling sensations in your body?  If you like the experience, continue with it, or feel free find other meditations you might enjoy.  (Here are some from the Tapping Solution.)  If you felt your body needs to move and that quiet meditation is not the best fit for you, try practicing Yoga, TaiChi, QiGong, or Aikido instead.

Getting a massage is a passive activity.  It certainly has its role, but to only rely on external help can be costly.  It is also not the ultimate solution since the work is only external and internal healing also needs to occur.  Meditation allows you to really connect and understand your own physical body.  Let's give meditation a chance.  I have a feeling your body will thank you for the little bit of time you take for it.

About These Meditations

These meditations were created specifically for those suffering with TMJD, by Nina Beste (NinaBeste.com & CalmingMeditation.com).  Nina is originally from Germany, she is an EFT & NLP Master Practitioner, and has suffered from TMJD herself.  Here is her story:

"From a young age, I went through several orthodontic treatments to stop my jaw from clicking, and to try to make everything align, I guess. I felt things were actually getting worse, but still listened to the doctors. In my young teens I started meditating, and getting an idea of how the body is actually capable of healing itself, and that a lot of physical issues are rooted in the mind. I worked on myself for years, going through relaxation meditations, and changing my thought patterns. Later I studied NLP and EFT, which made me get another outlook on things in general, especially how our brains work, and how we can retrain our minds. I used tapping for the tightness I was still sometimes experiencing in my jaw, and the combination of EFT and meditation made it go away completely. Now during meditation I consciously relax my jaw, and during the day.  I remind myself to do so. My stiffness and pain have completely vanished, and I feel much more harmony throughout my entire body. I can still force my jaw to click, as this is just the way the treatments formed my teeth and bones, yet I was able to reverse any issues that were causing pain. I can only recommend meditation and EFT to get over or at least ease symptoms of TMJ and get a better connection to your body overall."

Reap the benefits of connecting with your body, facilitate its healing, and allow for greater overall well-being.  

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