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Mind-Body Atlanta (Formerly "Atlanta TMJ Massage, EFT & More")
EFT Meridian Tapping for TMJD / TMJ / TMS / Myofascial Pain / Chronic Conditions
Original "Sokssage"

Mitsuko no longer offers standard Sokssage sessions.  Please contact Mitsuko if interested in learning how to perform Sokssage to increase your productivity and longevity as a therapist.

"Sokssage" provides a muscle melting, ligament stretching, joint opening experience by allowing therapists' soles, heels, toes to sink into your body.  

"Sokssage" is a word made up from "Soku" (foot/feet/legs in Japanese) and "Massage". Put together this makes "Sokssage!”  It is my unique way of delivering deep and therapeutic work that I find extremely effective, very ergonomic, and pleasantly therapeutic to the point that I believe all therapists should be open to learning this skill.

Eastern forms of massage are often performed on a floor or mat, while the client remains fully-clothed (as in Thai Massage and Shiatsu). Sokssage is offered in a similar manner, having the massage table lowered to the floor.

Big/thick muscle groups is easier to get through with Sokssage

Is Sokssage for me?

Sokssage is for you if...

  • you are open to new styles of massage & bodywork
  • you are comfortable having the therapist use her feet on you
  • you are are willing to provide honest feedback and work together
  • you are open to learning how to receive feedback from your own body
  • you are willing to continue working with your body after and in between sessions
  • you understand that the healing path is a journey

Sokssage is NOT for you if...

  • you love deep tissue massage, but you insist getting work done ONLY by the therapist's hands
  • you are looking for direct skin touch, hoping to receive massage unclothed and without draping (Swedish massage or Lomi Lomi might be more of what you are looking for)
  • you have the expectation that one session will take care of all your issues (on some occasions it will, but not always)
  • you have medical conditions that will make massage and bodywork unsuitable for you.

Broad compression can be applied effectively.

What to expect with a Sokssage Session?

The goals of a Sokssage session are clearly different from that of the "traditional Swedish massage". Where a traditional massage aims to sooth the nervous system with a calming touch, Sokssage aims to deliver the appropriate pressure needed to bring the most therapeutic results. Clients do not need to undress - unless necessary to allow access to the body surface when/where needed.  Please come with loosey-goosey clothing (preferably with a wide shoulder opening) so there is freedom to move limbs around with less concern about exposing or covering the body.  (Wear something that you wouldn't mind getting some cream and essential oils on.)  The layer of clothing matched with socks also provides good friction for the therapist to get a good foot-grip. A Full Body Sokssage Session will cover the majority of front and back side of the body, legs, gluteus, back, abdominal area (lightly), upper chest, shoulders, arms, and can include part of the neck, face, and head depending on the comfort level of the client.

Caution will be exercised around sensitive areas with appropriate pressure

What are the benefits of Sokssage?

For Clients: Sokssage allows body-workers to use gravity to their advantage. Sokssage is great for those who enjoy receiving deep work though pressure does not need to be deep.  It can range from very light to very deep, according to the client’s preference and what is needed. It is a great way to achieve trigger point release and myofascial release due to the ability to reach through the layers using the larger surface area of the feet.  Clients feel stretched, relaxed, and often dazzled due to the amount of fluid being pushed around in the body.  

Added benefit for Therapists:  Therapists are able to utilize gravity and the weight of their natural body in the most ergonomic way.  Since there is much less leaning into the hands and arm, repetitive hand and wrist movements and injuries are greatly reduced and they get to stay in business longer.  If you care about your therapist and are mindful of their health, suggest the use of their feet! :)    

If I don't like Deep Tissue Massage, should I stay away?

Since Sokssage can be performed anywhere between very light pressure to very deep, there is no reason to stay away from Sokssage just because you do not like deep tissue work.  If you are seeking the sensory experience Swedish massage provides, then yes, please look somewhere else.  Please feel free to ask if you would like some more information about your specific condition and preference.

Great way to work into thick muscles or layers of muscles.

Does Sokssage hurt?

You as a client should not have to "endure" any pain that doesn't work for you, and for bodywork to be effective, I do not believe it needs to hurt.   Please do speak up and communicate with your therapist with full honesty.

That being said, often due to the nature of the deep trigger point work that is applied with the intention of releasing clients from pain quicker, you are likely to experience some "good pressure, good pain, hurt-good-sensation" during the session.  The goal here is to deliver just enough ischemic compression for your body to start the trigger point release, which brings a deeply therapeutic result.

Sokssage is much less likely to leave you bruised and hurt.  This is due to the broad surface area of the foot, heal, and toes compared to pointy elbows and/or fingers.  If I happen to go beyond your comfort level or that "good pain" level, I do need you to please let me know.  There is a very delicate balance that we must reach together.  You are in charge of your body, and I will do the best I can to cooperate with your unique needs.    

The whole body can be used for maximum weight

Still have reservations about allowing someone's "feet" on me…

Just as practitioners wash their hands before a regular massage, clean socks are put on before each Sokssage session.  Many Sokssage clients report that they wouldn't be able to tell that feet were massaging them unless they were told.  Once you experience it, you may have to agree that this is the most natural and sustainable way to give a massage, just as it has been in Oriental countries for centuries.

If the idea of your massage professional using their feet still makes you uncomfortable… ok, I give up… There are plenty of establishments and therapists for you to choose from.  Come back when you are ready - you might just get hooked then :)

Hands and fingers are used as needed and for fine areas such as TMJ area and neck.

For some more information, please visit Sokssage.com

Photo credits: Beate Sass   

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