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Mind-Body Atlanta (Formerly "Atlanta TMJ Massage, EFT & More")
EFT Meridian Tapping for TMJD / TMJ / TMS / Myofascial Pain / Chronic Conditions
- Private EFT Sessions


Unless the client is experienced and practices EFT regularly, and/or knows which specific incident they are wanting to tackle on, I encourage clients to purchase package sessions of three or more.  This is not a requirement, and single session purchase is available.  However, I suggest a commitment of multiple sessions, because, unless you're experienced exploring your mindset and subconscious beliefs on a regular basis, it often takes time to get used to the process, and I want you to feel safe and secure as we go through this process.  I do offer free 15 min phone/online consultation to assess if we are compatible with each other before you make this commitment.   If we find that your situation could be better addressed by another qualified practitioner, I would do my best to make the most appropriate referrals.


  • Please make sure you have read and understood the Disclaimer Form prior to our session. I will not be able to conduct the session without your signed disclosure form. 
  • It would be ideal if the Intake Form is also filled out prior to the first session. The first part needs to be completed and the second part is optional. This information in advance may speed up our work together, however, if you choose we can cover this in the first session.
  • If you are new to EFT, it would make our time together more effective if you are able to review either of the following.


  • Your first appointment will be set for 50 minutes, but please expect that we could go up to 80 min. There will be no overtime charge for the additional time on the first session. If during the first half hour we decide that your needs can be better served by referring you to another source I will refund you your paid session fee minus $30.
  • All other appointments are scheduled for a 50 minute session. We generally are able to wrap up a session in that period of time. If I choose to go over the allotted time there is no additional charge. 
  • NOTE: I am located in the EST zone – Atlanta Area. 


Your private information will never be shared, and videos/audios will not be published without your consent.  I do seek mentoring for  guidance to better serve you and other clients, and your signed waiver for this purpose may be asked for in advance.  Please do be aware that one of my joy and purpose is to spread hope that change is possible, and one of the best ways to share that message is by sharing case studies from my direct experiences.  For that reason, on occasion, I may pull out a few case studies to share what can be possible through the the work I do with clients.  If this is of a problem with you, I encourage you to seek another professional.  


  • Progress is faster and EFT most often helpful if you make tapping a normal part of your daily routine in between sessions. Depending upon the depth of your issues we will discuss how to best effectively use EFT on your own.
  • We will explore together what will be best for you to address at any one time but the final decision as to which issues or events to deal with is your choice.


  • I will make every attempts to answer any quick questions through email/texts, however this is not guaranteed as an inclusive follow up service.   I do not conduct sessions by email.


Please let me know as soon as you find out you need to change/cancel your appointment.  Your scheduled appointment is set aside just for you.  I will reserve the right to retain the full session fee, unless 24 hour notice has been given.  


  • ON-LINE – Since it is useful to see each other during sessions each session is conducted using an online software via Zoom.us.  You will receive a link and instructions prior to the call.  As a back-up we can use Skype.
  • PHONE – If you know the basic procedure of tapping, we can use phones.  
  • FACE to FACE – I am located in Atlanta/Decatur, GA in the EST zone, and an in-person session is possible.  Please let me know if that is your preference.  


We will discuss what you can expect from the sessions when we first meet. The majority of clients, over time, do have a high success rate in resolving their presenting issues, however, the length of time for this varies considerably.  

Some issues collapse quickly; some take lots of detective work and time.  It is not possible to guarantee any outcome, but I will do my best to provide the best service I can.


  • The most common side effects I have seen and experienced when I work with people are relaxation to a varying degree and occasional tiredness after the sessions.  
  • Sometimes, either while in or, after a session, someone may have a long forgotten memory surface. During the session we discuss how to deal with this should this occur.
  • Please do remember that, while EFT has produced often remarkable results, and there is increasing research evidence of its efficacy, EFT is still considered an experimental. You must take responsibility for your own mental and physical health. Let me know immediately of any problems.


I do not take, or bill, any insurance company.  Clients/Responsible Parties are responsible for all charges.  If requested, I can provide you with receipts that may be submitted to your insurance carriers for potential reimbursement.  I am not a medical doctor, nor a licensed mental health professional.  I am a licensed massage therapist (GA #008998) thus I am able to offer direct touch to clients with your consent.  During our EFT sessions, I operate as a certified practitioner following AAMET's Code of Conduct and Ethics. 

Thank you and I look forward to our work together.

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