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Mind-Body Atlanta (Formerly "Atlanta TMJ Massage, EFT & More")
EFT Meridian Tapping for TMJD / TMJ / TMS / Myofascial Pain / Chronic Conditions
- TMJ Massage FAQ

My goals are to:

  • Create immediate on-the-spot-changes to reduce the pain

  • Support clients have better awareness and understanding of their body and symptoms

  • Share self-care methods to empower you in your own healing journey.

How long are the sessions?

Due to the amount of attention and focus required, including the need to have a good understanding of your history, condition, and situation, please expect longer sessions.  I would like to provide as many trigger point releases as possible in a balanced way to prevent relapse.   Please leave plenty of time for recovery afterwards, ideally an entire day to rest so that your release can continue on to make the most out of the session.

How many sessions will it take?  

For acute pain coming from myofascial trigger points, one session can be enough.  For chronic pain and TMJD however, often there is a build up of trigger points throughout the region and possibly to the body.  There is no cookie-cutter approach as each body is unique and the speed of recovery is highly variable depending on multiple factors, including how the tissue and body responds, how much self-care work you are willing to do, how much awareness you come in with or will develop, etc.  Thus it will be up to the clients and their goals to decide how many sessions would be optimal.

The good news is that most people would feel immediate results for each trigger point as they are released.  Some trigger points could be more stubborn and resistant, and some respond very enthusiastically and easily "let go."   Once you register the sensation and know how to handle trigger points, you've gone over one of the learning curves.  Then you will have the most basic understanding and can start engaging in your own self trigger point therapy.

How do I know this will work for me?

I cannot give a 100% guarantee for the cure.  However, in my experience, 99% of my clients experience major releases.  During bodywork sessions, I will hold on the points, monitor the change, while communicating closely with you.  During the process, most clients experience changes in their own tissue with full awareness.  Often clients are amazed and are pleasantly surprised that their internal experience can be described in words by a third party person. 

There have been a few cases where the emotional stress was so high that the soft tissue would just not cooperate. In those cases, most likely we will need to shift our focus and to take into account emotional or other issues as the primary concern.  Perhaps another professional can better addresse your situation.  I would love to support you in finding what works best for you.

Why Massage vs other treatments?

TMJ Massage is the least invasive therapy, with minimal risk, nominal cost, and an educational opportunity that will be beneficial for the patient/client in the long run.

Yes, there are many other alternative therapies and healing modalities, all of which deserve attention.  Other similar therapies include dry needling, a form of trigger point therapy done by trained physical therapists, and acupuncture treatments.  If possible, I personally suggest surgery to be performed only as the last resort.  Of course, this depends on each patient's/client's conditions and what choices they would like to make. Splints, braces, and surgery are outside of my scope of practice, however I am aware of highly capable doctors that come highly recommended.

What to Expect

A thorough intake with patient’s symptoms, history, and pain patterns will be taken prior to the physical touch.  Once ready, we will palpate around the neck, jaw, and shoulders to identify some major trigger points.  We will check the jaw to assess the pain level.  Depending on the goal and situation, we will either go straight to the trigger points in the TMJ area or consider a whole body approach.  We may talk about how to deal with the emotions of dealing with the pain.  As we remove each trigger points and create better flow in your body system, healing will surely happen.  

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