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Myofascial Trigger Point Pain Release & EFT Meridian Balancing
- Videos for TMJD
Yoga for stiff Jaw or TMJ


Yoga for TMJ, painful Jaw


TMJ and Myofascial Pain Syndrome, Animation


Relief from TMJ - with Titanya Dahlin - Eden Energy Medicine Approach


Self-massage for TMJ disorder, jaw pain, and headache


It is crucial to be educated and to know about your own body and TMJ condition.  
Doctors, practitioners, and therapists are all willing to help and support, but ultimately it's your body and you are the biggest supporter of your own body.  

Yoga and exercise, as well as self-massage, is highly recommended.  Enjoy these few videos to get you started.

Self-massage for TMJ disorder, jaw pain, and headache


Some other simple self-help techniques

  • stretching the jaw from the center outwards (towards chin and towards ear)
  • putting the pointer finger in the mouth and twisting the ridge
  • pinching the zone over the cheek bones
  • sedating gall bladder
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